Women's rights

We seek to promote women's rights in all social, economic, political and cultural fields


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Our organization plays a critical role in reaching laws and policies that improve the lives of women in society.

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Afaq Al-ghad Organization for Women's Affairs and Sustainable Development.

An Iraqi humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit social organization registered in the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations affiliated with the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Council.
What we Do

Our Practice Areas

Advocacy and Policy Support

Advocate for women's rights and gender equality through awareness campaigns and lobbying efforts.

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Education and Skill Development Programs

Establish educational programs that focus on girls' and women's education

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Health and Wellness Initiatives

Organize health camps and awareness programs on women's health issues.

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Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood Programs

Implement programs that promote sustainable agricultural practices, particularly focusing on women in rural areas.

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Women's Empowerment Workshops

Provide training on personal development, self-confidence, and communication skills.

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Why we were here ?

Our organization seeks to play its main role in defending women’s rights in societies, offices and courts by focusing on feminist issues and achieving gender equality.